Stour Marine is a Telecommunications Provider and Mobile Network Operator

Telecommunications Provider and Mobile Network Operator

Stour Marine is a regulated Telecommunications Provider and Mobile Network Operator. We provide voice, sms, data and mobile services.

Reliable access to the Internet & online communication

Established in 2006, Stour Marine first began by providing WiFi hotspots within the UK across the British Canal and River Waterways Network.

These WiFi hotspots were provided to cover areas of weak cellular reception, providing reliable access to the Internet and online communication. Our services are deployed using Stour Marine SIM cards which access the traditional WiFi access points.

WiFi network within Canal Marinas

Stour Marine runs its own WiFi network within a number of Canal marinas within the UK. This service provides its customers with voice and data services via Stour Marine SIM cards. Customers can also access the service using their mobile devices or laptops by accessing the Stour Marine access points within these locations. Stour Marine has access to WiFi roaming partners for its customers when traveling outside of the Stour Marine network coverage area as well as GSM roaming on its SIM cards.

IP based core network

We operate and support an IP based core network facilitating Voice, SMS and Data. Stour Marine over the years has built relationships with network operators across the globe to deliver highly resilient communications links that aggregates our core infrastructure into a single, easily accessible service.

The addition of a portfolio of wholesale communications services means Stour Marine can offer a wider range of solutions and services to its growing customer base. Furthermore, all allocated Stour mobile numbers provided are recognised by all other carriers as in-bundle. Stour Marine fully supports Mobile Number Portability.

Forward thinking

Stour Marine is a forward thinking company moving into new markets as they appear. It is this 'can do' attitude that allows our customers to stay ahead in the ever changing communications world.

We are a lean team with many years of experience.

About our team

Stour Marine is the owner-operator of its own network.

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