Getting connected

The connectivity your company needs

Your systems are the most critical element of your business. Linking all parts of the organisation it is the core of your business.

Stour Marine can provide the connectivity your company needs linking your internal systems and processes to your customers. Voice & SMS are critical parts of your infrastructure, if it were to fail your business could fail. Stour Marine is the partner of choice for all our customers.

The technology behind it

Connecting to the Stour Marine network for voice and SMS follows industry standards. Voice interconnect we use SIP trunking over a secure IP layer. For SMS interconnect, we provide SMPP or SS7 connections over a secure IP layer. For SS7 we can connect over the global signalling network or over secure IP layer using SIGTRAN.

For customers who do not support SMPP or SS7, Stour Marine support an HTTP API set. This can be accessed via a secure IP layer.

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